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exterior remodel

Hey all! Sam here to tell you all about my exterior remodel. When we purchased our home in 2018, we did so because of what it could (would) be and not for what it was. The purchase price was great for the location and square footage, but that’s about where it stops. Brown…. everything was brown. Now, while I appreciate a beautiful wood tone or cedar post, brown is just not in my color palate. So, here she is in all of her chocolate glory.

To say a quad-level was the furthest thing from my dream home
when house hunting, is an absolute understatement. My style is very much
transitional – modern and this big girl just did not check that box. Per usual,
my husband was patient and tried to help me visualize what it could become. We
walked through the home, which was much larger than it appeared. It had a giant
living space and kitchen, the right number of bedrooms, and a killer back yard.
He was sold…. I trusted him. We signed the papers, and I did what all women do,
I turned to my Pinterest board. 

Let's check out some of my favorite exterior feels...

One Kindesign

Design Team: Dan Nelson, Principal Architect Shawn Sullivan, Project Architect

Now to make the magic happen

I knew I absolutely wanted dark siding and black windows. And the more windows, the better. I went back and forth about the trim color. Do I make it gray, black, white? So many options. My husband is a sucker for a craftsman feel, so we decided to bring in the white to give it a little bit more of that style. Blending styles can be tricky, but once you find the balance it’s all uphill from there. Cedar soffit was chosen as a way to bring in another texture and to give it a little something extra. The siding we picked is “Graphite” from Diamond Kote, and our windows are black vinyl by Gerkin. For the front porch, we decided to switch the stairs to a street view. We thought this gave it more of the much-needed curb appeal. We used TimberTech decking in “Mahogany”” to contrast the cedar soffit and matte black metal railing to pull the modern vibe back in. 

And now for what you all really want,

There you have it! Landscaping and privacy fence to come in the spring. I absolutely love the way it turned out. I smile every time I pull into my driveway. 

Thanks for following along with the most recent phase of my exterior home remodel! If you liked this post or have any questions, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought! 

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