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Half Bathroom Remodel... Before & After

We moved into our current home in February of last year, and since moving in we have tackled remodeling three bedrooms, the main living area, the entry, and most recently, the half bathroom. Because of the budget we set for the first part of the remodel, the half bathroom was not even supposed to be on our radar yet. However, our contractor (my brother-in-law) and I took one step into the bathroom and said “yeah… this get demoed too”. It was an eyesore to say the least. Faux picket fences with garden scenes on the walls, a dingy yellow vanity, and sponge painted clouds really are what bathroom nightmares are made of. Stick around and I’ll show you the not-so-great before and the beautiful after of our half bath remodel. 

But first let’s start with some half bath inspiration…

Let's start by looking through some powder bathroom inspo that made me say "tear it all down!"...

This upscale half bath, completed by Alice Lane Home Collection, is a stunning mixture of textures and a neutral palette that makes me wish I had the budget for tiled walls. 

This half bath designed by Whitney of The RED FERN Home (@theredfernhome) is simple yet absolutely adorable! The brass fixtures play so well with the bright white sink and trim, and the navy patterned wallpaper adds the perfect pop of color. 

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, chances are you have seen this stunning powder bath done by Whittney Parkinson Designs. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this mix of metals, marble, and colors. It is simply amazing how Whittney makes her designs feel upscale and down-home cozy all at the same time. Needless to say, I’m obsessed!

Now on to my half bath remodel plans...

Now it’s time to talk about my half bathroom. I wanted to keep it pretty simple, for looks and for budget purposes.  I knew I wanted to get rid of the bulky vanity and open the space up with some kind of pedestal sink. I also wanted some kind of fun patterned tile for the floor. Since the space is so small, I knew I could go with something on the busier side, and it wouldn’t be too much. 

Also, if you keep following along on my home remodel, you will see that I tend to gravitate to greens and blues when choosing pops of color. Sorry… it’s just who I am as a person. When I first started looking through paint colors for our home, I came across Sherwin Williams – Labradorite. It was love at first site. I just knew I would be using that color in at least one area of our home. 

A couple other close contenders were: Sherwin Williams – Slate Tile & Waterloo, but that’s another post for another day. 

Choosing selections for the half bath felt like a breeze compared to the indecisiveness I seem to have choosing them for our main bath. My biggest struggle is between what I want and what I have the budget for. In this case we actually had a $0 budget, soooo… *face palm*. I am hoping my selections can help you realize that there is a balance between the two and you can get beautifully crafted spaces on any budget. 

 I will link all the final selections below. 

And because we all love a good mood board...

Now the photo you're all waiting for lol! Prepare yourselves for some ugly...


And the after...

We still need to do one more coat of paint on the walls and trim. Currently we are waiting for the new window to be installed to finish the painting, so we don’t even have everything completed on this yet. But I’m thinking it’s not too bad for a zero-budget project *wink*.

Keep following along to see how I DIY’d this $30 Facebook Marketplace mirror find!


Pedestal sink, sconces, faucet, towel ring, toilet, toilet tank lever, flower vase, basket, pictures (antique), mirror (antique DIY), tile

Let us know what you think of this bathroom remodel by leaving a comment below!


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