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My husband, Ron and I have two small children, Penny and
Everett. They are only 18 months apart and, as you can imagine, keep us very
busy. When Penny was 2, we were working hard to get her potty-trained. We had
tried everything; timers, sticker charts, treats. You name it, we tried it. My husband
is the problem solver in our family, and this was one he was he was determined
to find the solution to. One long night after Penny sat on the potty for what
felt like 30 minutes Ron asks her, “What can Daddy give you to get you to go poop
in the potty?” and without hesitation she replies, “Playground.” I’m positive
that I snorted as I laughed a little at her answer. Ron, however, said, “Okay! You
go in the potty and Daddy will build you a playground.” I knew exactly what that meant.

And so, it begins...

Being married to a carpenter absolutely comes with its perks. He can build anything, fix anything, and it always, always looks incredible. Being married to a carpenter also means that every project is going to be bigger and badder than anything he has seen. Inspiration photos are just a jumping off point and all rules on size are right out the window. So, our Pinterest board photos for what we liked in a playground are kind of all over the place. We took a bunch of photos and picked the pieces of each that we liked and then made a plan. Here are some of our pins. 

What we knew we wanted; two slides, at least two swings, a covered area for them to play “house” and a deck. Having it the same color as our house was also high on our list. Ron had the great idea to get the black rubber mulch for the bottom, and boy does a thick layer of that give you a great bounce. *No children were seriously harmed in the building of this playground* All that was left was to get to work!

As I said in my last post, we have a killer backyard. So much space. 

I love that our children love to help and learn. They may make things take forever, but gosh are they stinking cute. 

Once the main portion of the playground was constructed, we started with the extras. The slides came a two separate times. So, for a while there was only the smaller one on the front. We decided to go with two traditional swings and one that both kids could play on together. There is a climbing wall that they can scale in the back and a sandbox that leads into the playhouse. The jury is still out on if that was a genius design or a fail, as there is now usually sand in the playhouse.  Cedar shakes were added to the front to give it more of a cottage feel. At this point, the playground was about 90% complete. 

The Finishing Touches.

In our family’s true fashion, the playground stayed like this for a little while as we moved onto another project. We are great at getting projects really close to complete, letting them sit for a bit, and then wrapping them up. We are hoping to break this little habit in 2022. Lol. Looking at the picture above you can see that there is a slide still missing and the railing on the upper deck hasn’t been installed. We also were debating what color to paint the swing rail and stain for the cedar border. Don’t you worry, we finally did decide on colors, and the slide finally came in after months on backorder. 

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  1. Love this playhouse so much!! ( playhouse?…. It’s actually more like a “tiny palace”)…. My 5 year old self is definitely very envious😍. Penny and Everett will have so many years of fun and will make wonderful memories here!!! 💜

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