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Kitchen Design

As you most likely know from reading previous posts, we bought our house for its potential. The kitchen of our house is massive. When the former owners added an addition, they added a lot of space to the kitchen, and am I ever grateful to them for that. We are getting so close to starting the renovation of this space, so what better time to talk about the kitchen design than now? Let’s get into it.

Let's talk inspiration...

As we continue to get to know each other better, you will find that I (Sam) am a very limited palate kind of gal. I love simple and clean. Black, white, wood tones, really any neutral, will most likely be where you find me. This design by Amy Pearson Design is so much of what I love in a kitchen. I knew I wanted white cabinets and a dark island. 

I mean come on! Look at those clean lines. This is the exact style of cabinetry I am after. Simple fronts with a thicker boarder and absolutely inset cabinet fronts. There is something so beautiful and seamless about an inset door and drawer. The House of Silver Lining knocked this modern kitchen renovation out of the park. 

The moodiness of the design on the left has me feeling all the right feelings, but I’m not sure how I feel about the longevity of all black cabinets. While the design on the right by Keri Rosenthal Interiors has a balance that I find more timeless. And my husband says I will not be doing this kitchen again in the near future. LOL!

Let's see the picks...

Cabinets and Island: 

We are using a company out of Salina, KS, Crestwood Cabinets, to create our custom cabinets. For the upper and lower cabinets and the pantry I have chosen the color Iceberg. It is the purest, brightest white that they carry, and I love it. Wanting to keep the island dark I picked a stained look in the color Ebony. Choosing a stain and not a painted island will help tie the more traditional vibe back in. 

The Tops:

There is something about the movement in quartz and quartzite countertops that I find absolutely breathtaking. The Skara Brae quartz has big bold swatches of gray and deep, deep browns throughout it. Your eyes never get bored looking at it. Then there is the Partheon quartzite. WOW. When I tell you this photo does nothing for this top, I am not joking even a little bit. It’s beautiful, but not as playful as the Skara Brae. I’m having some trouble choosing between the two. They are both so interesting and gorgeous. How do I choose? Feel free to tell me in the comments which you would select. The goal is to use this as the backsplash as well. See the designs below to get a feel for the look. 

< Design by Blair Design

>Design by Plain and Posh

The Lighting: 

A matte black with gold accents pendant from Generation Lighting will serve as the perfect pop of black against all of the light upper cabinets. They are 18″ and will be larger, but not overwhelming in the space. 

The Pulls:

These beauties by Amerock will serve as a great compliment to the pendants. 

This project has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share the process and progress with you all. Check out phase one of our home remodel here

Leave a comment letting me know what your countertop pick would be!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Design”

  1. Oh my! I’ve been waiting for this one! I absolutely am loving your inspiration photos, along with the choices you’re making. Our tastes are so similar.
    While I really do like both of the countertops, I’m thinking the quartzite gets my vote. The Skara Brea is great, but the Partheon, wow, so gorgeous!
    Keep these posts coming….so fun to follow along.
    I am confident that the interior will be every bit as beautiful as exterior!

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