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Living Space Inspiration

It’s time to talk living space inspiration. In my last blog post, I wrote about our kitchen design. Since our home is open concept, it just makes sense to move right into the living space.

Let's dive right in.

Let’s talk color scheme. As you all know by now (and if you don’t, now you do) I personally. have preferred a limited color palate. I love neutrals and am not ashamed to admit it! So, when it came time to choose a color for the walls and trim, I knew that I wanted white. Because this is an open concept, the living space flows right into the kitchen and dining room. The cabinets in the kitchen are the brightest white available, so I did not want the white walls to come off as an off-white or a warm tone. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is the perfect pick to avoid the walls coming off too warm or yellowish. It is a blue based white and will be able to compliment the cabinets, not compete with them. I also think that since the windows are black, the white walls will keep the space looking clean and bright. 

For flooring we’ve chosen to go with sand in place wood flooring. It’s more expensive but can be sanded back to original and stained again saving us from needing to reinstall a whole new floor if we wanted to update or change something in the future. I’m not sure just yet which stain I will end up choosing, but I know that it will be lighter like the flooring pictured. And for the width of the boards, I have decided on a random lay. Since it is such a large long space, I think the random lay will help keep the room from looking like a hallway. 

We are also adding a custom fireplace and tv cabinet. Since the room runs right into the kitchen, I have decided that keeping the ebony stained finish is just what this big space needs. The trim of the fireplace will also be in whatever we choose for the countertops. No, seriously, I can’t choose! Help a girl out and comment on the kitchen post which top you would pick. Below you see the rough sketch for what we are wanting in the space. Our fireplace is off center, so it doesn’t make sense to make it the center of the design. I’m really loving what we are coming up with here. 

Now let's check out what inspired my picks

This fireplace design by Lucy at Craftberry Bush was one of the first black fireplace designs that caught my eye. I love the trim above the mantel and the open shelving design. And there’s a coordinating puppy!? What more could you want? 

Another look I love is this design by The Lifestyled Co.
I cannot get over all of the natural light. The light wood floors against the black windows and white walls is everything I love, I mean obviously.  



Thank you for being here and following along as we navigate through our many, many home renovation projects. We absolutely love sharing them with you all! Also, make sure to keep coming back, we have some exciting things coming up and big news to share with you soon!

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  1. Chantilly Lace will be such a beautiful combo with the black…that will be stunning! (Oh and hey, your puppies will match your decor) 😉
    I’m liking the design of the fireplace and TV cabinet…a great focal point!
    Can’t wait for you guys to get started!

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