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Current Tile Favorites

Current Tile Favorites

If you know me, you know that if there’s one thing I could do for days on end it would be shop for tile. I love using tile to add new colors and textures to designs. So, to give you some inspiration for your next home project I have put together a list of 10 tiles that are currently some of my favorites. 

Let's get to it!

Let’s start out with this adorable, patterned tile by Laura Ashley with The Tile Shop. I love the delicate, playful pattern and the perfect amount of distressing. This would be great for a bathroom or laundry room floor. Love it!

Laura Ashley Wicker Charcoal 13×13 Tile

Next up is a perfect, timeless tile option that is the Staturio porcelain tile. This is a large format tile that is perfect for both large and small spaces. I love it on bathroom floors and shower walls. It has an excellent price point too, so what not to love?!

Staturio Lio Matte 12×24 Tile

This bathroom done by Riki S. Designs using a similar tile, but is an example how how stunning this tile can be.

Marble tile will always be one of my favorite options. I love the natural veining and how it ages with time. Some people are not a fan of marble because of these facts, but it only makes me love it more!

Ocean Honed Marble Tile

This Cloe tile by Bedrosian is always a solid choice! The texture and the movement… what’s not to love!? It comes in a variety of different sizes and colors, but there is just something about this green that has me hooked! 

Cloe 2.5″ x 8″ Ceramic Tile


Wood look tiles have really gained some popularity over the last few years, and for good reason! They are stunning and can create an amazing wood look in areas that you may not feel comfortable having wood, such as in bathrooms. We have an upcoming project with wood-look tile in a bathroom and I think it is going to be beautiful!

I love a good Spanish inspired tile, and these hex tiles are a great option. They give off a beautiful terracotta color without the high price point. 

Makoto Hex Porcelain Tile

Similar style tile via

Another natural tile option that is one of my favs is black slate tile. I love the subtle movement and the way they age over time. This is a perfect option for shower walls, and I love the larger format tiles for kitchen and patio floors. 

Black Natural Slate Tile

Have I mentioned how much I love marble? Well, this tile is no exception. As soon as I saw this oblong marble tile it instantly became one of my favorites. It was on the list of options for my main bathroom…. and I need to stop looking at it or it may be changing my mind again! 

Bianco Orion Oblong Marble Tile

Check out our post on what my plans for the main bath are so far right here.

This Spanish inspired tile is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The price point is great, and this tile could add a lot of character to so many different areas of a home. I especially love it for bathroom floors. It also comes in a beautiful, terracotta color that I am seriously debating on putting in our kitchen and dining room. 

Provenzial Alhama Porcelain Tile

Last, but not least, is this stunning Calcatta Oro tile by Bedrosian. It is amazing how realistic this tile is. Can you even believe it’s porcelain?! All the movement and color variation at an amazing price, so good! 

Calcatta Oro Wall & Floor Tile

This photo is real marble but give you an idea of what kind of look you could achieve at a fraction of the price with the Calacatta Oro tiles. Via Oliver Burns.

Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite is!

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