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Design Styles: what is your favorite?

11 different design styles to helps spark inspiration for your home interior design. 

Art Deco

Short for arts decoratifs, art deco style is usually marked by sleek metal finishes like chrome and gold. Inspired by 1920’s French art, art deco home design is defined by larger pieces – oversized armchairs, large armoires, and couches. Light fixtures, ceiling mounts, and lamps are often adorned with bold zig zag patterns.

corey damen jenkins design
digs digs
arazi lvine design


Known for its laid-back vibe and emphasis on nature, Bohemian or BoHo is such a versatile interior design. Many elements are combined to create this eclectic and unique feel. Many fabrics, textures, and colors are blended to create this interesting style. A neutral couch may be combined with a bright, fun-colored ottoman or a striped area rug.

chaylor and mads
sheryl sanders
dashing darlin


Contemporary home design is a wonderful blend of modern and minimalist. Sleek, simple furniture in fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen. You won’t find any bright bold colors or tassels here. All elements are in neutral colors like black, white, and tan. Fixtures are made of sleek materials to keep with the overall feel. 

style curator
chaylor and mads
porus studio


Want the entire home to feel like a cozy bedtime story? Cottage is where it’s at for you. Weathered woods, stones, distressed paints of cream and white all come together to create this very welcoming interior look. Comfortable and casual are words that embody cottage design. Furnishings are often found in colors of the sea and sky. Natural light is key.

minnie montagu
white and woodgrain
michael sinclair


It’s all in the name. This design style is influenced by European design like Tuscan, Italian, Spanish, English, and French. The colors tend to be subdued and understated, focusing more on the neutrals. Most of the attention is focused to the natural materials like wood, stone, and granite.

so much better with age
hydrangea treehouse
luxe interior and design


Farmhouse is so popular right now (Thanks Chip and Joanna) and you can absolutely see why. With similar vibes as cottage the overall feel is warm and inviting. Wood shelving, farmhouse sinks, and brick accents walls are all trendy additions.  Other rustic finishes include oil-rubbed bronze and copper.

milk and confetti blog
remedy design firm
remedy design firm


Industrial interiors give off a cool, modern vibe. The style blends new and repurposed items for a unique combination of modern and vintage. Industrial design is characterized by clean open spaces – every room from the kitchen to the basement contains high, spacious loft-like ceilings. Color palettes are kept cool and subdued – you’ll often see a mix of grays, blacks and whites complemented by pops of blues or greens. Metal is the most often used material in industrial design. 

mason du monde
jerry tan and ally wong
the kitchen think


Modern homes share similar characteristics with minimalist interiors. The focus is on simplicity, cleanliness and absence of decor or detailing. Furniture offers smooth, clean lines inspired by architecture from the 1930s. However, unlike minimalist interiors, these homes sometimes contain splashes of bright colors like oranges, pinks and turquoise on items such as dinnerware, curtains and rugs.

ira kisil
savvy heart
bigger than the three of us


Romantic style embraces a soft, delicate and effortlessly beautiful feeling. Colors are usually subdued and muted and include shades like dusty pink, sky blue and creamy white. Metallic elements such as picture frames, candlesticks and vases offer a sparkling contrast to the low-key palette. Antique chandeliers with crystal droplets are hung in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to provide a touch of glamour.

randi garrett design
lady gray
dream homes


A traditional home will be filled with furniture from various period styles such as Tudor, Regence, Louis XV and Georgian. However, unlike eclectic interiors, traditionally styled homes have a much more distinct visual cohesiveness in color palette and materials. Colors are muted and subdued to create a calm ambiance throughout the home. Rooms are lit up with shimmering crystal chandeliers and silver candlesticks offering a warm flickering glow.

bria hammel interiors
blesser house


Vintage refers to style from the 1940s and 50s, and comes with a nostalgic, comfortable ambiance. Eclectic flea market finds can be displayed on open shelving, in decorative bowls or on bookshelves to add visual interest and character to the home. Other accessories that bring a vintage style home to life include old gilded mirrors, heavy cornice moldings, brass and frosted glass lamps, stenciled walls and decorative tile borders. 

coco cozy
hearth studio
julien fernandez

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5 thoughts on “Design Styles: what is your favorite?”

  1. I can’t pick just one!!! Lol! I’m all over the place.
    I do think my favorite is contemporary with a dash of farmhouse and a dash of industrial. Sounds weird I know…but ask me again next week and it will a totally different answer! I used to say my style was “transitional”… but I’m not sure I know what that really is.

    1. Haha! It doesn’t sound weird to us. If I had to describe my (Whitney’s) style, I would have to say traditional vintage European farmhouse cottage lol! I can’t help it…. I love them all!

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