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Exterior Favorites

Favorite Exterior Elements


Follow along and we will show you some of our favorite exteriors on Pinterest!

Hey everyone! Whitney here. With spring on the horizon, I thought I would take the opportunity to show you some of my favorite home exteriors on Pinterest. I will go through some of the different styles and elements that I am currently (and frequently) loving! This is totally giving me the motivation I needed to finalize plans for our home exterior… more on that later *wink*. 

Moody Exteriors

One exterior element I am loving right now is dark, moody colors. It gives these homes such a warm and cozy vibe. Every time I look at these homes, I just want to grab a cup of coffee and sit next to a mountain… ya know?


Can we talk about that stone and those angles?… and that view of the water through the front entry! *drooling* I love that they used pavers instead of concrete on the front walk, it really warms everything up beautifully. 


Hi… now I need a lake house. This understated and beautiful entry with the perfect muted grey color scheme is to die for. Throw in that screened-in porch and brick paver walk and it’s a must have!

Traditional Exteriors

If you know me, then you know I love traditional homes. Give me all the colonial and brick homes you can find! So, it comes as no surprise that I am loving these updated, traditional homes. 


This house is what dreams are made of. The arched front door, decorative window frames, and that porch! Every little detail works perfectly together and have left me obsessed with this charming home. 


This modern take on a brick house has me swooning. I love the contrast of the black framed windows and those creamy soffits bring the perfect amount of warmth. 

Bright White Exteriors

Now on to one of my absolute favorites… bright white home exteriors. Much like brick, white exteriors are timeless. There is just something about them that just draws me in again and again. 


Can’t. Stop. Staring. I couldn’t find even one tiny detail of this home that I don’t love. This little cottage style home is pure perfection. 


Have I told you how much I love colonial style homes? This home is exactly why. Everything is over-the-top, but somehow exactly the right amount at the same time. The oversized columns, the railing, the window trim… it’s all exactly how it should be. 


Last, but certainly not least, is this little stunner. I’m loving the window grids, the grass between the pavers, the perfect accent of black on the front door, the subtle arched opening… it all comes together to create this showstopping image. 

Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite exterior element is! 

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