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Spruce up for Spring

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After months of cold, dark weather the warmer, brighter days are here, and we are sharing all things spring. Spring styling and updating, spring cleaning, and spring home maintenance. Follow along on ways to give your home a fresh and clean feel. 


The first thing you want to do is ditch the faux fur and down comforters. Instead, try linens, cottons, and light quilts. They are perfect for the warmer spring months. Layering whites with a pale pink can give you a pop of color while still maintaining a neutral feel. 

Here are some of our faves:

Linen Sheets

Cotton Quilt

Throw Pillows


Creating a living space that is ready spring is as simple as adding some gorgeous green plates and switching up your throws and pillows. Faux plants can be a great solution for anyone without a green thumb. You can also switch out your rug for something brighter, which will automatically change the entire feel of your space. 

Here are some of our faves: 

Faux plant



Throw blanket


I know, I know. This is never the fun part of the spring refresh, but alas, it must be done! So let’s get down and dirty….I mean clean. 

Here is a nice solution to rid the winter ick and make it all squeaky clean. 

My favorite clean products are products that are actually clean. This simple mix can be used to deep clean all solid surfaces. 

1 part distilled white vinegar
1 part water
A lemon or orange rind
(You could also use essential oils)

Mix all ingredients into an amber glass spray bottle (get one here) and let steep for a few days before using. Amber protects your solution from UV light to maintain its purity.


A benefit of needing to check up on the exterior of your home is being able to soak up all that vitamin D and get a little color on your face. Here is our list of outdoor maintenance duties to get your house ready for the warm weather.  

Next up are some updates to ongoing projects. We are excited to share the progress on these beauties. 


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