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The Ultimate Guest Bedroom

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Creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

I long for the day when my guest bedroom is out of renovation, and I can implement all of the fantastic ideas I have brewing in my head. How great would it be to be known as the host with the best guest bedroom set up in all the land? With a few simple tweaks to your space you will be well on your way. 

The Bed

This is absolutely the most important part of any guest space. You want the bed to be welcoming and cozy. Even if you don’t have an actual spare room and are transforming your office into a luxury suite, there are ways to achieve this. 

The bedding is so important. You want your guests to feel like they are staying at a 5-star hotel. Now, we don’t all have the budget to supply the finest Egyptian cotton, but we can still make some pretty comfy choices. 

Sheets here
Bedding here. 

Don’t have an extra bed? This blowup option has over 45,000 reviews on Amazon. It is equipped with 40 internal air coils to prevent all the turbulence that normally comes with air mattresses. 

Check it out here. 

And to be extra, well, extra. Add a cooling mattress topper and down pillows and you’ll be giving all the ultra luxe vibes. 

Mattress topper here. 
Pillows here. 

The Extras

Start with a sweet little cart that you can stash all the goodies for your guests in when they come. This cart is also easily rolled away for storage in between company. It also comes in 5 different colors, so you will be able to coordinate it with any style. 

Get it here. 

Cozy plush towels and a nice robe and slippers are sure to make your guest feel extra special. 

Towels here. 
Robe set here


Additions to your cart: a mini fridge for small water and a couple of your guest’s favorite beverages, spare chargers, and a small storage container for some simple snacks. 

Bev fridge here. Charging port here. Container here. 

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guest Bedroom”

  1. Love that cozy 2nd bedroom photo!
    Great ideas on the charger and tiny fridge!
    Think I need to rework my guest room a bit.😊

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