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Kid-Friendly Chic

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It's Kid-Friendly and Chic

Let’s get really real here. So many of us are living in a glorified toy store. The number of times I have stepped on or run into something that should have been somewhere else is uncountable. The question: Can you make a living space kid-friendly and chic? The answer, absolutely yes! With some simple switches and a little creativity, you can have the Instagram-worthy home of your dreams. 


When it comes to choosing your family-friendly fabrics you need to do so wisely. I would always suggest leather. Leather is definitely an investment, but if you’re willing to make the financial commitment you will be left with a beautiful piece that will last for years to come.  Leather will also gain a gorgeous patina after years of use that will only add to the character. 

Here’s is my favorite from West Elm

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If you are not ready to pony up the dough for leather, I would suggest something in the stain-resistant family. Think microfiber or canvas. These are not only good for family spaces, but also easy to maintain. 

A great option by Article. 

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Hiding the mess

We all know with kids comes the overwhelming amount of toys…so many toys. SO MANY. Good for you, it’s never too early to start learning how to put things away, and when you have a designated space for them, it makes clean up time that much better.  

Large ottomans, cabinets, baskets on the bottom shelf of the cabinet, storage benches, the options are endless. Out of sight out of mind, right?? Keeping toys up and off the floor, your home automatically feels cleaner and more put together. 

Keeping it simple

The most important part of making a family room kid-friendly is to make sure you are enjoying every minute of it. When it feels overwhelming and like you’ll never have a clean house, remember some day you will long for the times when small people left a mess every place that they went. When your house was filled with Barbies and construction trucks and the throw pillows were used for games like the floor is lava. The days are long, but the years are short, friends. 

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2 thoughts on “Kid-Friendly Chic”

  1. I miss those crazy days of having littles around!♥️
    You’ve shown that “littles and style” can happen!!

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