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Our Favorite White Paint Colors

Our Favorite

white paint colors

As promised, I am going to take you through some of my favorite white paint colors from Benjamin Moore. 

When it comes to white paint colors, there are hundreds and hundreds of options. This is where knowing what undertones a paint color has will come in handy for getting the perfect paint on the first try. So, let’s dive into my 8 favorite white paints and all the dirty details below. 

Simply White is part of Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection. It is known as a crisp, clean white with just a slight hint of warmth. This warmth is due to its mild yellow undertones. Though it does have yellow undertones, it will still look like a nice, bright white next to most other colors, making it the perfect option for many different applications. 

White Dove is a beautiful, creamy white with warm, yellow undertones. However, unlike with Simply White, White Dove has a little less yellow making it a clean classic white. This color is a perfect option for trim and moldings and will pair well with most any color. 

Chantilly Lace has always been one of my go-to white paint colors. It has more blue than yellow undertones, making it the perfect neutral white. I love it for trim and cabinets. It also makes the perfect exterior color for a bright white home. 

Benjamin Moore’s website describes this paint as a sleek, stylish white with a touch of cool gray.  This paint is an excellent choice for those that want to avoid any yellow undertones or overly warm colors. Decorator’s White leans slightly cool and is a great neutral white paint option for trim, walls, and cabinets alike. 

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And more of our favorites...

Another one of my long-time favorites is Swiss Coffee. It has a great beigey, golden undertone that makes it such a cozy color. I adore this for shiplap and moldings. It also makes a great warm white for cabinets as well. 

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Oxford White is a crisp, clean white that would brighten up any room. It definitely has cool undertones similar to those of Decorator’s White and this makes for a beautiful neutral white in most any situation. 

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Cloud White is a lovely, creamy white with subtle yellow undertones. According to Benjamin Moore this color is soft and balanced and could easily uplift any space. 

I definitely agree! I love this color for walls with a brighter white, like Chantilly Lace, for trim or as an all over color. And I especially love it for cabinets and furniture for clean, fresh look. 

Vanilla Milkshake is a lovely neutral, sandy white paint color. Part of Benjmain Moore’s off-white collection, subtle grey undertones keep this warm white a little more neutral than that of Swiss Coffee. This makes Vanilla Milkshake a great option for many different applications. 

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via Decor Pad

Thanks for reading through some of our favorite white paint colors! I hope this helps you in selecting paint colors for any upcoming projects you may have. We are always happy to give suggestions if you have any questions!

Leave us a comment to let us know what your favorite white paint color is and how you would use it!

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    Whites have always been a tough one for me… so many choices. That’s for this !

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