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1970's farmhouse

Check out this beautiful remodel of a 1970’s Farmhouse in Manhattan, KS. Heritage Builders, with design by Heritage Haus, took this space from dated and closed-off to contemporary and spacious.

The Befores

From the beginning, this farmhouse remodel was one that we were so thrilled to take on. When we first arrived on site of this 4,000+ sq foot home we were instantly excited about its potential. In addition to the kitchen, dining room, and an itty-bitty family room, the main floor also housed 4 bedrooms, one full bath, and one-half bath. Firstly, the owner wanted to covert the half bath, one smaller bedroom, and another bedroom into a large primary bedroom. Also, he wanted to create an open concept by knocking down the walls and reshaping the kitchen. To sum it up, we were all in!

< This room is going to turn into the family room. It is so hard to picture the transformation, but just you wait!

Firstly, the main bath did not house a shower, and the only shower in the home was on the top floor. In other words, super inconvenient. 

Next up is the kitchen that screamed “I’m from the 70’s” and this just wasn’t the vibe. It was also closed off from rest of the house and there was limited counterspace for much more than appliances. 


*don’t worry about the mess. It disappears soon*

The Remodel Process

To start, entire space was gutted, and new walls were constructed. Meanwhile, with the guidance of our structural engineer, new beams were placed in the ceiling to support the weight of the roof. Most importantly, the owner wanted to have an open space without the need for supports. 

The Reveal

Next up, let’s start in the kitchen. After opening everything up, we were able to accommodate a beautiful 10-foot island. Then the owner selected a high-end box cabinet that are solid wood. After installation, the cabinets were topped with a gorgeous granite countertop. Lastly, a full tile backsplash with a metal tile accent is just what this rustic modern space needed. Seeded glass pendants and matte black pulls are the perfect touch to round out this brand-new kitchen. 

Next, we move on to the bathroom. Remember that nonexistent shower? Well, it is no longer an issue. After adding a full onyx base, we complemented it with faux concrete 12×24 tile. Then Interstate Glass rocked this huge 36″ glass panel for our new shower. In addition to this dark stained, solid wood vanity we topped it with a Nero Orion granite top. Finally, we brought in the same matte black pulls from the kitchen to keep with the overall theme. Also, the back lit mirror is a cool modern touch with all the functionality.  

And finally, for the icing on top of the cake is this stunner.,,, the owner wanted to keep the original stone from the original fireplace. The team crafted this brilliant oak mantel with underlighting to finish out the vision. 

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